Using a container

Building the container

You can create a Docker image suitable for running on OpenShift using the source-to-image tool:

sudo s2i build https://// fedmsg-migration-tools

The produced image is capable of running the 3 included commands:

  • amqp-to-zmq: the AMQP (fedora-messaging) to ZeroMQ (fedmsg) bridge
  • zmq-to-amqp: the ZeroMQ (fedmsg) to AMQP (fedora-messaging) bridge
  • verify-missing: the verification service that checks that all messages are sent to both networks.

Running the container

You can choose which command the container will run by using the APP_SCRIPT environment variable. If you are running the container with Docker directly, you can use a command similar to:

sudo docker run -e APP_SCRIPT=./.s2i/amqp-to-zmq fedmsg-migration-tools

If you are running the container in OpenShift, set the environment variable in the deployment options.


If you’re running the container in OpenShift, you can use the configmap feature to set the /etc/fedora-messaging/config.toml file to your liking.

If you are running the container in Docker, you can use the --volume option of docker run.